Mail-Away: Star Wars is Forever Poster

This poster was never advertised on figure cards. It was advertised on store shelves with a shelf talker that had a pad of flyers and also a television commercial. The poster was free with two action figures and expired onĀ DecemberĀ 31st, 1984. One side of the poster featured scenes from Return of the Jedi with the slogan Star Wars is Forever which was actually a slogan used at Kenner during the entire Star Wars line from the beginning in 1977. The other side of the poster featured the then 79 available figures in various battle scenes. I am still trying to track down the original mailing envelope for one of these. I scored a second poster on ebay awhile ago where the seller said it had just been stored in the mailing envelope. When I got the poster it wasn’t included so I emailed him and he told me he had thrown it away not realizing that it was also collectible. I at least was able to resell the poster and got a my money and a little extra back. Here is the shelf talker used in stores for the promotion with one of the forms from my collection.

Here are both sides of the poster. I have the side with the figures showing in a frame on the wall in my collection room.

Finally here is the commercial advertising the poster.

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