Almost There

After having to book an appointment 2 weeks in advance I  was finally able to meet with my counselor at UVU. I was thinking next semester I would be taking about 10 credits to graduate. Because of some changes with the degree, some of my classes were not showing up on my degree evaluation. My counselor said I just need to meet with her again in January when all the degree changes have taken place and she is going to push them through for me. It looks like with that part taken care of I only need to take 6 credits in the Spring to graduate. That was really great news to me. So basically next semester I am just taking Senior Projects 2 and a presentations class. I’m glad with this so I can focus more time on the Senior Project and at the same time it should hopefully be a somewhat relaxed semester to end on. As for this semester we only have a week left of classes, so I am trying to get everything in and ready for final projects. I think that will be what this weekend will consist of mostly.

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