Encore Trailbreaker

Today I received my Transformers Encore Trailbreaker from Japan. This figure is number 13 in the Encore reissue line and is one I have been waiting for a few years now to be released. This figure is one of the Autobot cars that were originally released in 1984. He was reissued in 2001 as a convention exclusive and planned to be reissued at Toys R Us here in the states, but was never released when the U.S. reissue line was cancelled in 2005.

Two main differences from the original and this one are the blue eye piece which on the original is red and the autobot symbol is stamped on the hood rather than being a sticker.

With this reissue I now only have 2 more left to complete my set of all the 84-85 Autobot cars. I’m almost there.

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