Star Wars Collecting: Reflection ’08 and Goals ’09

It’s that time of year again to make new goals. I figured I would followup from my post last year and see how well I did.

Reflection ’08I said last year I wanted to get at least 4 more coins this year. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I was able to add 2 of the 4 I wanted and they were in excellent shape. They were Luke Bespin and Han Solo Hoth. That brings my total to 44 with 18 left to go. Here are some pics of them:

The other items I somehow left out last year that I wanted this year was to add the mailaway Boba Fett and Action Display Stand. I added both of these items to my collection this summer and they pretty much finished my mailaway set. Boba Fett is definitely one of my favorite of the mailaways. I think it has to do with the rocket firing changes that were made just before it was released, so it has a note to consumers included explaining why. Here are pictures of those items:

Another original goal I had was to finally add a carded Darth Vader. This one again didn’t happen this year, but I added several key figures to my Luke Jedi focus that more than made up for it. I also picked up two of these Luke’s for well below market prices and was really happy about that.

The first was the Blue Saber 65A Back Luke. I picked this up from a buyer that I think didn’t know that the blue saber was harder to come by than the green. One major significance of this piece was that it is packaged with a cape that has a snap. It was originally thought that all blue saber Lukes has a sewn cape. It proved an original theory wrong and I think it almost proves that this would have been the first version of Luke available.


Next up is probably one of the hardest to find carded Lukes. This one has the face in the same color of plastic with the hair painted on. All other Lukes are the opposite with the face painted on and the hair the color of the plastic. The other thing of interest is that the cape is folded behind the figure and is contained in a plastic bag. No other Lukes were packaged this way. There are basically a dozen of these that have been reported in the collecting community and I’m sure there are a few more out there, but that is still a really low number. This Luke is also on a 65A back card, so it was only available very early on like the Blue saber Luke.


The other Luke I added of note was the Trilogo version. These figures became the standard packaging in Europe with the text in 3 languages. I’ve wanted to add a Trilogo figure to my collection for some time, so I was glad to get this one.


That covers most of what I added this year that goes with some of the goals I had in mind from last year.

Goals ’09

Coins: I’m starting the goals off again this year with more coins. I really want to focus more on these and have been coming up with a budget to try and add more. I would like to add 4 again this year and think I can do it. The main ones I have in mind are Bib Fortuna, Lando Cloud City, Creatures, and Droids. Luckily coin prices have been dropping over the last year and hopefully that will stay the same.

Luke Jedi: As far as Luke Jedi go I have quite a bit now and only have a few pieces I would still like to add. These include Blue Saber sealed in Baggie, carded Power of the Force with coin, and a 79 back with Anakin Offer.

Droids: This year I added my first Droids figures from the 1985 cartoon series. I would like to add a couple of more during the off times.

That pretty much covers it. This post became a lot more lengthy than I was planning, but I guess it shows even after all these years I still love to collect.

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