WordPress 2.7 RC2

Yesterday the second release candidate for 2.7 was released. I haven’t noticed any changes since RC1, but that makes sense since most things now are just little bug fixes where it is this far along.

I did have one little issue with uploading photos. When I would upload a photo I would only have the option for the original size and the radio buttons for thumbnail, medium, and large were grayed out. These options worked fine in the 2.6 versions of wordpress. After updating to RC2 and still having the issue I figured it might be something on my end.

I did a little research and found out it had to do with the php gd image library. I think I had an older version on my server, so with the magic of Ubuntu I used the command sudo apt-get install php5-gd I then restarted apache and voila it worked again. I’m guessing something was changed in 2.7 to require the upgrade. There isn’t any documentation about the change on their site, so I posted on their message board what I had to do as others had reported the same thing.

I’m glad that I was able to get that fixed. Everything else appears to be working as it should be.

Here is a new video that was recently posted showing off the dashboard and some of the new features. I’m working on editing my theme to add some of the new functionality that users will actually see. I’ll update once I get to that point.


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