Xbox 360 Dead

xbox360full_500x526Over the weekend it looks like the 360 finally died. We got back from Sarah’s concert Saturday night and wanted to pop in a movie. We turned on the Xbox and everything booted up fine, but no picture. Last night I finally finished all my homework before finals, so I had some time to take it apart and tinker around. After a couple of hours of tweaking and such nothing still came up. I still find it crazy that Microsoft put out such shoddy hardware. I guess I’m lucky it lasted this long. I’ve been looking around and  I can get a replacement motherboard and dvd drive for $20-$30 shipped. I might go that route and see if I can revive it that way. If anybody has a dead 360 around it would be great if I could use it to experiment with to see if I can bring it back to life.

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