Dr. Pepper Delivers on Promise

Looks like complaining sometime does pay off. Last month Dr. Pepper promised a free one on them for the release of Guns N Roses new album. Well their site was completely unresponsive the whole time and everyone I know that tried did not get a chance to register for the coupon. After the day was over the site came back up and was working normal. I know several people that think Dr. Pepper did this on purpose, but I personally think it was a matter of them not expecting how much traffic this would generate.

Anyway, I myself never did get a chance to register for the coupon either, but after the site went back up I decided to send customer service an email. I just basically stated that I felt I did not get a chance for a free Dr. Pepper and they promised everyone in the U.S. a free one. Surprisingly, I received a response shortly after saying they would send me a coupon. A couple of days ago I received an envelope with the coupon. Dr. Pepper delivered and I’m glad they did. Those that know me very well know that I’ve given them a lot of my money over the years. 😉

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