Encore 15 & 16

Here are the next two sets in the Japanese Transformers Encore line. Number 15 is going to be a pack of 4 reissue cassettes for Soundwave and Blaster. In the set you get Lazerbeak, Ravage, Eject, and Rewind. I’m still trying to decide if I want this. I already have Lazerbeak and Ravage from previous reissues, so I don’t really need another. Rewind and Eject would be nice to go with Blaster though. This set will be released in March.

Number 16 is going to be Bruticus. Bruticus is a larger robot formed from 5 smaller transformers. The group is called the Combaticons. This is the second merge group that Takara has reissued. The new movie coming out this summer is supposed to have Devastator which was formed from 6 Constructicons, so with the release of this figure it has been speculated that we might also get Devastator. I hope this turns out to be true.

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