Fanboys Update

There is now a an email address that people can spam to try and get Fanboys shown in more theatres. The address is [email protected] Here is a quote from rebelscum giving some ideas to help get this out.

Be sure to let all of your Star Wars buddies know about this email address. Post it on bulletin boards, forums, MySpace, Facebook, your mom’s fridge, and anywhere else you can think! Let’s pull together and get the word out on this one!

Also if you live in or near any of the cities showing it, please make the time to see this film opening weekend so that our voice is heard!

Here’s a template text for what you may use to send to the Weinstein Co. (change XXX to your city):

Subject line:
Fanboys Limited Release

Dear Weinstein Co. Employee,

I am writing to you to voice my unhappiness about Fanboys only being released in eight cities and 40 theaters. I live in XXX and thus will not be able to see the movie, even though I very much want to. I know more fans who do not live in or near any of these cities that have excitedly been waiting for the movie and are now very disappointed that it is not showing near them.

Please expand the release of Fanboys to more cities, particularly XXX. I assure you that I will stand in line at the ticket booth and pay to see it if it comes to XXX.

If you are not the right person to address this to, please forward my e-mail as appropriate. Thank you.


Here is also a new clip was released from the movie.

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