HV40 Announced

Canon has announced the HV40 camcorder. By looking at the specs they seem very similar to the hv30. The main difference is native 24p which means you can capture now directly at 24 frames per second. WIth the HV20/30 you had to capture in hdv 60i with 30 frames per second and then remove the pulldown with a separate program that removed the extra frames inserted into the capture. Other than that a lot of the specs still look similar to my HV20. The HV30 added 30p mode that mine doesn’t have and then now the HV40 with the new native 24p.

I would like to upgrade at some point, but as of right now I still would rather invest some money into accessories instead. This semester for example I need to put together a portable green screen for my senior projects class. I was planning on working on that over the break, but haven’t taken the time. I hope to get started on it sometime in the next couple weeks though and will post some tests.

All the specs on the HV40 can be read on canon’s site It will be released in March this year.

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