More 360 Trouble

xbox360full_500x526Last week the newer 360 died again and now brings up the e74 error. I finally got around to taking it apart, but could not get it going again. I decided to take a look at the original 360 I had since I knew I could get it revived again by overheating the GPU. I looked around for some more cooling mods I could do and found a couple.

The first mod I did was making the fan that blows on the GPU run at a faster speed. Normally the fans on the 360 self adjust as it gets hotter. To make the one fan run faster I just had to cut the red positive wire on the GPU Fan, Solder another wire to it, and then solder the other end of the wire to a 12V source on the motherboard. Here are some pictures of the process.

The 360 is quite a bit louder, but if this helps the problem it is worth it. At least I only did one fan or it would be even twice as loud.

The next mod is to put some tinfoil over the air duct, so the air flow covers more of the GPU. You don’t want to cover the whole GPU though as the DVD drive sits right over the GPU, so it needs some cooling as well. Here is a picture of an example of this.

So far the 360 is running again. I guess I’ll find out for sure if these help if it is still running in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday I also set up the server, so I could stream movies from it to the 360. I’ll explain how I did that in a future post.

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