A Couple Of More Cases

Several weeks ago I ordered two more custom cases for my mail away figures from oscarscases.com Unfortunately when I got them one of the cases had the wrong dimensions for one of the paper inserts. I double checked my measurements and I had sent the right ones, so I promptly sent an email to Oscar showing him the little issue. He said he would get a new one to me, but it would be sent at slower shipping. I was fine with that and thought it would be at least a couple weeks. Today, I received the corrected case and it was perfect. I really love seeing these displayed like this. My only issue is they do take up quite a bit of space, so I might need to go to Ikea soon and get another display case. As of right now I only have two more mail away figures to get cases for. I hope to get those ordered in another month or two. As of right now this is how I have them displayed. The two new cases are the middle ones for Bossk and the Survival Kit.


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