iPhone OS 3.0 Coming Soon

iphone-3-new-1jpgEngadget is reporting that Apple has announced an event next Tuesday that is specifically going to show off the 3.0 iPhone OS. It will be interesting to see if this update will include some of the features that people have been clamoring for including: copy & paste, mms, background applications, and voice assisted turn by turn gps. I recently jailbroke my iPhone so I could try out some of these features that other developers have created. So far I am liking them, but if Apple officially supported some of these features I would gladly go back to a non hacked state. There are also already rumors of a new iPhone coming this summer which would make sense, but there most likely won’t be an announcement for that until later in the year.


  1. Yeah xgps was released about a month ago for jailbroken iphones. It works pretty well for a just released app. I used it today to get me to an address in Springville to do some computer work. I hope Apple at some point allows an official app to come out. At one point Tom Tom said they had working software almost ready.

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