iPhone OS 3.0

iphone-3-new-1jpgThe event just finished. From what I see it looks mostly that Apple is playing catchup by adding many of the features the competition already has. The main new features announced include:

  • Turn by Turn GPS API (Apps can now use GPS, so hopefully Tom Tom will release the app they have been working on)
  • MMS Support (iPhone can now receive pictures and sounds with texts instead of having to go to the AT&T login page to view)
  • Copy & Paste (About time)
  • Stereo Bluetooth (Bluetooth headphones can now be used to listen to music)
  • Push Notification (Close enough for me to multitasking)
  • Shake to shuffle (Shake the phone to shuffle to a random song)
  • Notes Syncing (Sync notes with your computer)
  • Landscape texting & email (Wider landscape keyboard now available for texting & email)
  • Search in Email, Calendar, ipod, and Notes (Search abilities have been added to these apps)
  • App Search home screen (New home screen option with search function)

All of these are welcome additions and pretty much cover all the features that users have been wanting. Personally, I feel apple held back a little. I think there will be some new additions along with a new iPhone this summer when the software becomes publicly available. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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