Masterpiece Grimlock

Takara really knows how to make these Masterpiece Transformers. Recently they released Masterpiece Grimlock in Japan. It looks like another well done figure with lots of really cool features. A few of the gimmicks that I have seen include: you can change eye color from blue to red, a light in his hand makes his sword light up, and moving his tail make his head move in dino mode. These Masterpiece figures are unfortunately quite expensive and Grimlock is no exception. Most import stores are charging $150 for this bad boy. All the others have run around $100 imported. Luckily for me, Hasbro has released most of these in the U.S. as well, so the only Japanese one I have is Megatron since I know there was never a chance of that one coming to the U.S. The Hasbro imports are usually half the cost running around $50 and even at that price it takes me a while before I bite the bullet. However, because of that I have missed quite a few. Takara reissued the prime version in White as Ultra Magnus, Starscream was also recolored for Skywarp and Thundercrack, and they also came out with an ultimate Prime that even included a huge trailer. Hopefully we’ll get Grimlock here sometime. It will probably end up as an exclusive like Starscream who was a Wal-Mart exclusive and even then I only ever saw it at one Wal-Mart.

Here are some pics a member on took of the figure and last is a group shot of the figures I own.

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