My First Multipack

I’ve wanted one of these for some time and with my Luke Jedi focus it only made sense to get one with that figure. These boxed figure packs were available through mail order catalogs, so they do not come up for sale very often. This particular one that I picked up was available from two different retailers. You can tell by the numbers on the box. The first number 49-59222 was for Sears and the second number 57-6280 is for Spiegel. The figures inside the box were sealed in baggies and included a catalog showing the figure available at the time.

Here is the ad from the Sears 1983 Christmas wishbook showing the pack. It is numbered 11 in the catalog and was originally $7.99. I wish that was the same now. 🙂

Here is the front and back of the box that the pack came in.

This one that I picked up, unfortunately only had one of the figures still sealed, which was the Princess Leia Boushh figure. I did get the other two figures as well, but the bags had been opened. I plan to get the sealed figured down the line to complete the set.
Here is an example of another collectors set showing the figures in the bags.

There are two other packs that contained Luke Jedi. One of them is similar to this pack in that it has Luke Jedi, Land Skiff Guard, and Leia in combat poncho instead of the Boushh figure. This pack was only available at Montgomery Ward in 1984.

The other one contained a whopping 7 figures which include: Rebel Commando, Lando Skiff Guard Disguise, Chief Chirpa, Admiral Ackbar, Logray, Luke Jedi, General Madine. This pack was only available from J.C. Penny in 1983.

I would love to add the other two packs if I can find them for a decent price. As of right now I am happy to at least have tracked one of them down.

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