Retro Week Day 3

street_fighter_2Here we are with Day 3 of classic gaming. The game today was the one that started the fighting game craze of the 90’s Street Fighter 2. I chose to play the Sega Saturn version of this game. It has all the original sounds and graphics from the arcade. It also includes the original, Champion Edition, and Turbo editions of the game. I was hoping to play through all three but time kind of ran out. I did make it through the first two. In the original game I chose my favorite character Ryu and made it through the game fairly quick until I made it to M. Bison. In Champion Edition I figured I should play one of the bosses that were added to this version. I chose to play the game as the final boss of M. Bison himself. Hopefully tomorrow I can get time to play the turbo edition as well as play my next game on my list.

Here are my two times.

Street Fighter 2 is considered one of the games the put the Super Nintendo ahead of the Genesis. It was announced that it would be exclusive to this system, so many Street Fighter 2 die hards had to get the SNES. I had the game pre-ordered a few months before the game came out. Probably about a year later Capcom found a loophole in their agreement with Nintendo and released the Champion Edition version on the Genesis, but then later the SNES got the Turbo version. It is pretty crazy how many versions of Street Fighter 2 were released before making it to number 3.

Here is the original commercial for Street Fighter 2 for the SNES.

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