Retro Week Day 4

Tonight I spent quite a bit more time playing. First off I beat Street Fighter 2 Turbo using Ryu again. It looks like my average time with any Street Fighter 2 game is about half an hour.

Tonight I decided it was time to give the Super Nintendo some love. The game I chose was Super Castlevania IV. This game is definitely my favorite of the series even though I have always been a fan of all the games. For being a launch game they really made use of all the abilities of the Super Nintendo. The music, graphics, and sound effects go well with the game to create the spooky atmosphere. This was the first time in my life that I sat down and played straight through the game. It took me roughly two hours and a couple continues.

There was never a U.S. commercial for Castlevania IV. I think by this time the series was popular enough that advertising wasn’t needed. Instead here is a youtube clip showing what the final battle with Dracula is like. It shows right off how the game developers were able to create the mood of the game. You get the eerie music, the torches that light up as you approach them, the scrolling dark clouds in the distance, and the prince of darkness himself Dracula. Enjoy!

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