Some Website Changes

This weekend I have been tweaking some things with my Star Wars site Some of the links to pictures were pointing to pages I made years ago, so they didn’t quite fit and I think they made navigation a little confusing. I changed to a simpler wordpress theme and also changed the logo to have just a black background making things look a little less busy. The major change is now I have imported all my pictures into gallery instead of just linking to where the files reside on the server. Doing it this way makes it easy to give a more visual experience on the site. Now when you click on the individual movie headings you get thumbnails of all the items I own from that movie. Clicking on the thumbnail now gives you the larger picture. I’ve broken a few things up too by adding individual pages for my Luke Jedi focus and coins. I’m still doing a little tweaking here and there and also plan on taking some new pics of things. That brick background from our old apartment in St. George just doesn’t cut it anymore. 🙂


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