Surprise Surprise!

Last Summer some neighbors of ours got some kittens. The kittens liked to roam around the neighborhood and would visit us almost nightly. We believe that these neighbors moved a couple months ago and left the cats behind. When it started to get cold we didn’t really know what to do. Sarah found a cat tent on a visit to Ikea one day and we bought it. The cats have been using it and luckily have survived the winter, but we don’t really know what to do. We have felt that they should have a great home with someone that can take care of them. One of the cats that has really warmed up to us was a black one which Sarah calls Liption. We have even let this cat some into our home a few times.

About a 2 weeks ago Sarah noticed this black cat was pregnant. We have been trying to do our best to take care of it and was hoping the kittens wouldn’t be born during a cold spell. Well yesterday I came home from work and there are three little fur balls in the tent. Luckily everything went well and this week is going to be a nice warm one. If anyone would like a cat we would love to give them to a good home.

Here is a pic of the mother several months ago sleeping on our couch and then the Kittens only a day old.

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  1. We have a minor cat problem in our neighborhood. The “random cat” population has exploded. On the plus side, there isn’t a remote possibility of a mouse within a half mile. 🙂

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