The Original Collectors

Recently on there has been some discussion about what it must have been like collecting back in the 80s. One collector mentioned an old publication that many would post what they were looking for and what they had for sale. I managed to find one of these on ebay and it is a fun look back. This one was published in 1985 when interest in Star Wars was pretty much gone from the general public.

There are two collectors in particular that are highlights of the publication. First, is Steve Sansweet who is now head of fan relations at Lucasfilm. Here is the old school picture from his want ad.

and here is a more recent picture

The other collector is Walter Stuben who was known at the time as having one of the largest Star Wars collections. Here is the picture of him.

Kenner toys also featured Walter at New York in 1984 for people to come and view his collection. There are some copies of the press materials from this event floating around that I would like to get a hold of at some point in time.

Finally, his collection was also shown on T.V. before the first airing of Star Wars. Here is that clip narrated by Mark Hamill:

Here is the cover of the publication.

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