Another Soundwave Reissue

It was just announced that Soundwave will be reissued as an exclusive this year at San Diego Comic Con. He will also included not 1, but 4 cassettes! This definitely makes it the ultimate Soundwave reissue. All the cassettes have been reissued before with the exception of Ratbat who is also going to be reissued this summer in a cassette pack by Takara. This reissue is going to cost $49.99 at the convention and will probably show up at after the con like years past. The price is pretty good considering that it costs about that same price just to get 4 of the reissued cassettes from Japan.

This makes the 5th reissue of Soundwave between the U.S. and Japan. I have 3 of these 5, but I just might have to bite on this one too. Soundwave is probably my next favorite Transformer next to Optimus Prime. I am interested to see what kind of packaging Hasbro comes up with the 25th anniversary and all this year. Here are the releases and what they came with in order of release:

TFC Soundwave (original door, Laserbeak) Japan
TFC Soundblaster (Black decko and red door, Door fits two cassettes, Buzzsaw, Ravage) Japan
TRU Soundwave (Door fits two cassettes, Laserbeak, Ravage) U.S.
Encore Soundwave (original door, Laserbeak) Japan
SDCC Soundwave (original door, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Ratbat) U.S.

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