Star Wars Revisited Part 2

Yesterday I sat down and watched the whole edit of Star Wars revisited. It is amazing at how much attention to detail this fan gave the film. There are the obvious new effects, but also the small things. For example, in the Cantina scene several of the aliens now blink their eyes including Greedo. This helps take away from the fact that all of these were masks. The other thing is in this movie the lenses for Darth Vader’s mask had a red tint to them. He has gone through and fixed this, so they are black like the rest of the movies. I hope at some point George Lucas will take the time to make many of these changes himself. Especially if we get the 3D version of Star Wars that he talked about a few years ago.

Finally, I made my own comparison clip of the death star attack at the end of the movie. This shows the official DVD release on the top and the revisited version on the bottom. Yes, I know I spelled revisited wrong. I was in a hurry. 🙂

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