30% Off Invisibleshield for iPhone and Pre

Zagg is doing a deal right now to get 30% off an invisibleshield for the iPhone and the Pre. At first I was weary of these when I saw the kiosks in the mall and it seemed pretty expensive for just a film covering on a device. I did some of my own research though and decided to get one back when I had a 30 gig iPod a few years ago. Needless to say it seems to provide very good protection. That iPod still looked new even after a few years. When I got my iPhone 3G last year one of the first things I did was get a shield put on. They had some issues with the 3G version, but I kept up to date on it, and they replaced it for me with each revision for free until they got the cut of the shield right. The only issue I have had, has been with keeping my iPhone in my pocket. The shield picks up lint on the edges and comes loose over time. I figure it isn’t a big deal to pay the $10 installation fee once or twice a year to keep my iPhone looking like new. My iPhone screen and back are scratch free. For anyone with an iPhone or Pre this is a good deal on their site. I imagine you could buy one here and then still take it to the mall kiosk and pay the $10 to have them put it on. They look like a lot of work to put on, so I decided to just pay to have them do it. Below is the ad that links to the official page.

Also, here is a video showing how the protection works with someone actually taking a key to their iPhone. I actually had a guy at a T-Mobile booth give me a demo by doing this to his iPhone. I thought he was nuts, but it did work.

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