3G S Has Launched

Today on the way to work I drove by the AT&T store at the University Mall to see how the line was. It was nothing like last year, but it was still a decent size considering the store had been open for an hour. Photos are now showing up all over the internet and the consensus is that the lines are much shorter for this phone. Some sites are saying the new iPhone is a failure for that reason, but there is something different about this iphone launch over the last two. You could actually pre-order the phone and have it delivered to your home or the store. AT&T has already stated that they were sold out of there initial pre order phones, so I think it is safe to say the iPhone 3G S is doing well. I don’t think it will sell as many as the original 3G, but even then I could be surprised. My reason behind that is the fact that many of us 3G users are still in contract and do not quality for the subsidized 3GS price. I personally do not qualify until March of next year. Some 3G owners do qualify in the next few months and AT&T is letting them get their phones now if they wish. The deciding factor in your qualification time is the amount you spend on your phone bill each month. I am on the lowest iPhone plan and that is working great for me. I have like 3,000 roll over minutes built up over the last year.

As I have said before I personally do not see a reason to upgrade now and renew my contract for another two years. I feel the 3G S is just a little improvement of what I have. I can wait another year for the next iPhone which should have enough differences to make me want to upgrade. By that time I will be pretty much out of my contract and can renew with a subsidized phone at that time.

Here are a few pictures taken from http://www.macrumors.com/


And for fun here is a picture of me in line from last year.


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