C64 Emulator for iPhone Rejected

Yesterday the Internets were a buzz over the fact that Apple rejected a Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone. Being a C64 fan myself I would love it if they could get this approved. Apparently the developer spent a year on this and had approval from the owners of the rights to the Commodore. I think Apple’s main concern is the fact that an emulator can run code from within the app that they have no control over thereby they could cause crashes or things of that nature. Hopefully the makers can get something figure out with them to get this out. One way I think they could do this would be to provide game bundles. Where as you buy say a pack that includes 10-20 games and then you can only play those games with that purchase. That is basically what Sega is doing right now. They have their own Genesis emulator that they used to port Sonic the Hedgehog in which they charge $5.99 for. Last week they released another Genesis game Golden Axe which is its own separate app which costs another $5.99. Both games are running on the same software, but are contained within their own app.

The official site for the project can be viewed at http://www.c64iphone.com/

Below is a video of the app in action.

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