iPhone 3.0 Push and Stereo Bluetooth

Monday, Apple finally approved some IM apps that now support push notifications. Included in the updates was my app of choice, Beejive. When it first hit the app was a little slow and had a problem with signing into AOL. I think the slowness was everyone wanting to try it out and the AOL issue was resolved within a day. Everytime I have tested the push it has come in within a second from when the other user send me a message. I am very happy with how this is working. Since then I am now always signed in with my phone instead of my work and home computers. My only complaint is I wish Beejive had a little louder sound when the push notification comes in. I was thinking they would have just used the text message sound, but instead it is the iChat bubble sound when you type in a message. It is a very small complaint that I can live with. Some users have reported unsuitability with it, but I haven’t had any of those issues either. Here is a pic of what the push notification looks like.

Another new feature in 3.0 is now support for bluetooth Stereo headphones. I wanted to give these a try, but figured they would be at least $50 and was going to pass. I read some reviews and found out the Insignia NS-BTHDP model is quite affordable on ebay. I bought them for around $18 shipped, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I am amazed at how well they sound and it is really nice to cut the cable when I want to listen to music/podcasts. The headphones have a built in mic for answering calls as well, but I think mine were defective, as I haven’t been able to get the mic to work with my phone or computer. I’ve emailed the seller to hopefully get a replacement, but it isn’t a huge deal. I mainly wanted them to listen to music when mowing the lawn and doing other things around the house. They aren’t the most attractive headphones, but they do sound good.


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