WWDC 2009 Almost Here

Here we are less than 24 hours until Apple’s next big event the World Wide Developers Conference. It is highly likely that tomorrow we will see a new iPhone and also find out about the next version of OS X Snow Leopard. I figured I would post a little teaser of some of the images that have show up already. The first is a mock up of the possible new iPhone and shows many of the rumored additions. The other two are banners that have been spotted at the location where WWDC is held. One of them has the slogan “One year later. Light Years ahead” and is surrounded by icons for several iPhone apps. The other is for Snow Leopard that simply states “The Worlds Most Advanced Operating System”

There have also been rumors that we might get iPhone OS 3.0 sometime this week. I would love it if this was true. Last year OS 2.0 was released the same day as the iPhone 3G and I think that had a little help with taking down the iTunes activation servers while everyone was stuck in line to get the new phones. I think this would be a smart move, but Apple could also just delay when older users get 3.0 to after the launch. Here is a video showing the new push notification system in action with the IM app beejive which I downloaded last week just for this purpose. The app is normally $15.99, but for a limited time it is on sale for $9.99. So far I really like it even better than palringo which I was using before.

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