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Recently, I have been working on completing the one Star Wars multipack that I have. I bought the box with the figures on ebay, but only the Leia figure was still sealed in the plastic bag. I got a Luke a little bit ago to go with the pack and now only need a Lando Skiff Guard figure. I showed the picture below on a limelight thread on a Star Wars forum. Later last night I received a message from a collector friend and he said that he had the Lando figure I needed and was willing to give it to me! I was really shocked by this and he lives outside the U.S.


We have had some communication over the last year back and forth about collecting and I sent him some dvds a while back that he was interested in. I was amazed that he would just give me the figure. Here is a pic he sent me of the Lando figure. I should have it in a week or two.


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