Comic-Con Exclusives Now Available

Last weekend was comic con and now Hasbro Toy shop has what is left over from the show available on their store.
The big one that I almost want to buy is Soundwave This one is really a great deal for what you get. Included is the Soundwave figure and 4 of his mini cassettes for $49.99. The cost of 4 cassettes imported alone runs around the same price. After thinking about it for awhile though I think I am going to pass. I already have 3 Soundwave figures. A cassette pack was just released in Japan that I would rather have as it includes both Autobot and Decepticon cassettes that I do not have yet. However, if I didn’t have a Soundwave yet, this would be the set to get.

Here is an in box picture of the figure.

The Star Wars exclusive this year is Luke in his X-wing pilot gear smiling. 🙂 The figure also includes the first ever release of the X-Wing ladder, so now he can climb into his X-Wing like in the first Star Wars movie. I wasn’t too excited about this exclusive, but for $10 I might go ahead and order one.

All of the exclusives can be viewed on and just typing comic-con in the search box. Once these sell out direct from Hasbro the only other way to get them will be the secondary market (ebay, brianstoys, etc), which means most likely a much higher price.

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