Collect All 21: Book Review

ca21newfrontmidsizeI recently picked up the book Collect All 21: Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek. It is another book written by a member of the forums on rebelscum, John Booth.

Basically, it is a collection of childhood memories that this fan had growing up during the run of the original trilogy of movies and then goes on with some chapters running through the 90’s with the special editions and prequel trilogy. It was a very good read for a more casual reader like me. Each chapter or section is generally only a few pages long, so you can pick it up and read one when you have just a few minutes here and there. I personally don’t think you even need to be a hardcore Star Wars fan to enjoy this book. Many of the memories in here can be related to anything if you were a kid growing up in the late 70’s-80’s. It brought back some of my memories even though I pretty much hit the tail end of the original Star Wars phenomenon.

Some of the memories that stuck out to me while reading the book include:
Collecting trading cards. The author mentions how exciting it was to find each new series as they were released and that it was not about collecting the whole set, but more of who had the tallest stack of cards. I never had any Star Wars cards as a kid, but I can remember similar things when I collected Baseball cards and Garbage Pail Kids cards as a kid. Also, the piece of pink gum that was included with these cards that required a lot of work to even get it chewable and then quickly loosing its flavor.

Trading toys with a friend. The author also shares a story about getting an R2-D2 figure from a childhood friend in a trade. As soon as the kids mother found out she immediately made them trade back. I can think of a couple of instances of this happening as well. One involving Paul and a certain Jetfire Transformer toy that bounced around between a couple of us. 🙂

Another one that the author shared was in the 90’s playing the Lucasarts X-Wing game on a 486 PC. I also had this game at the time. I believe I started out on our 386 computer. That computer didn’t even have a soundcard, so what I did was play my Star Wars soundtrack CDs while I was playing, so I had some kind of noise to go with the game. It was a year or so later that we did get a multimedia upgrade kit that included a Sound Card and CD-Rom. It was great to finally hear the midi music and sound effects that went with the game.

Overall I found the book a fun read and I know even at a later date I would pick it up again to go down memory lane. I recommend it for anyone that grew up during that time period. I’m glad I finally picked up a copy. I ordered in direct from John, so I could get it signed like all the other books I have bought from rebelscum members. There are some excellent authors that have put together some great books.

This book can be purchased on for $5.00 as a digital download or $14.95 as a paperback book. Just click the link below.
Collect All 21: Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek

Here are some of the other books written by the members of rebelscum. I would like to pick them all up eventually. The ones with a * next to them are the ones I already have.

Star Wars Action Figures by John Kellerman* (Unfortunately it is now out of print and collectors are paying a premium for it as the Brianstoys page shows. John has stated there will not be a second printing, so I’m glad I picked it up just before it sold out.)

The Force in Flesh by Shane Turgeon

Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles by Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins

Meccano to Trilogo: French to European Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Toys by Stephane Faucourt*

Irwin Toys: The Canadian Star Wars Connection by James T. McCallum

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