Snow Leopard this Friday

hero_osx_20090824Apple has finally announced a release date for Snow Leopard and Friday, August 28th is the date. I’ve been using the supposed Gold Master version for the last week and I am quite happy with it. This release is more of a refinement of Leopard in that they have stripped all the Power PC code, rewritten some of the core programs, and it moves the system mostly over to 64-bit. There are a few new visual changes, but most of it are under the hood changes, so most users will see performance improvements above anything else.

As far as compatibility is concerned I had one hiccup with the Cisco VPN client, but all I had to do was update to a new version and my wireless all in one printer needs some new drivers for the scanning function. Hopefully HP will update them soon. Other than that I have found it to be a very stable system. I plan to buy it on Friday at Simply Mac and then do a clean install of the system that night.

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