Star Tours 2 Coming 2011

Disney had a lot of announcements at their first ever convention this last weekend. The biggest one for me was announcement of a new Star Tours ride at Disneyland in California and Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) in Florida. Here is the link that talks about all the changes at the parks. Below is the quote on Star Tours.

But Jay was just getting started. With the help of Darth Vader and an army of Star Troopers, he announced that as of October 2010, Star Tours will be closing. But not to worry — Jay continued, “We’re closing Star Tours in order to create a spectacular new adventure at Disneyland. We’re going to do things with Star Tours that have never been done in any park attractions before at any theme park anywhere.” The crowd was then treated to a 3D sneak peek of the ride and wow — were people impressed! The new 3D experience will debut at the Disneyland Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2011.

A trailer was also released showing some footage of Pod racing from the ride. Should be a lot of fun. I do hope they still keep the original ride. Even though it is now dated I still find it a lot of fun.

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