Amazing Star Wars Find

I have a Star Wars collecting friend who lives in Romania, that I have been talking with back and forth for almost two years now. A couple weeks ago I found a figure I knew he was looking for. We both started looking around at what the seller had, and he had some very nice foreign Star Wars figures at very affordable prices. Our first thought of course was that it was too good to be true, but we decided to take a chance and order a few to test it out. The first batch of figures arrived a couple weeks ago and they were even better than we thought. The seller still had a few others, so we ordered some more. Those arrived on Monday and again were very nice. Our plan is to resell these and make a decent profit on them, but use the money to get some great items that we want for our own collections. I’ve sold one of the figures already and made 3 times more than what I paid on it to give an example of how undervalued the prices were. I’m obviously not going to reveal the source though as we have plans to pick up a few more, but these were the best of what they had. It still amazes me that this one seller had figures from all over including: U.S., Mexico, England, Spain, and Belgium. This batch really shows how big of an impact Star Wars has had on the world. Below is a picture of the lot and then each figures front and back.


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