New Addition to the Collection Library

tomart1I’ve always been a sucker for Star Wars books on collecting. Today I finally received one of the ones that got away. The book is the hardcover version of Tomarts Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles Second Edition. There were two reasons as to why I passed on this book originally. The 1st was I already had the 1st edition which I picked up in ’94, so I felt like I didn’t need to buy the book again. The second, was this hardcover version originally retailed for $80. I just couldn’t ever bring myself to pay that price.

Last week, I was searching the Tomart website to try and find an old issue of their magazine and stumbled on a great deal. They are offering the book at the heavily discount price of $14.95. I didn’t even second guess myself and ordered a copy. The one addition that the hardcover version has over the softcover is the inclusion of 40 pages at the back showing various prototypes and unproduced items. I figured it was worth the price alone for those pictures.

I received my copy today and must say I am impressed. The book comes in a nice hard slipcase and has a lot more color photos than the 1st edition had. Pretty much the entire action figure section is now in color with a few others throughout and then of course the extra 40 pages are all in color as well. I feel like it was well worth the price.tomart2

In case any of my readers want to take advantage of the deal here is the link to their website The cheapest shipping is $9.99, but even at $24.95 total, it is well worth it.

Here is one snapshot of the action figure section and a picture of my heavily used 1st edition with the 2nd.


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