This Year’s Mailaway


Today I received the mailaway figure for this years Star Wars promotion. I don’t really collect that much modern Star Wars stuff, but for some reason still like to get the mail away figures. The one this year tied in with the Phantom Menace, since this year is the 10th anniversary of the film. Most mailaways are just for a figure, but in this case you also get the creature that Qui-Gon rides on Tatooine called an Eopie. This is a reissue of an original set that was released during the Phantom Menace run, but for whatever reason, they didn’t make as many of them. Up until now this set has been one of the few Phantom Menace items worth of any value. I imagine now that this set is available the prices will drop on the original. It’s not quite as exciting as some of the past mailaways, but with the fact that many collectors did not have this piece, it makes sense to rerelease it this way. My two favorite mailaways over the last couple of years would have to be the George Lucas in Stormtrooper disguise and the coin set.

This set was 5 proofs of purchase and $6.99. Instead of buying 5 figures, I found a seller on ebay that sold the form and the proofs of purchase for around $5.00. With the prices of figures these days at around $8.00 a piece, that saved me some decent cash.

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