Reporting from CES 2010

I’m sure some have noticed the little audio clip tests that have appeared and disappeared over the last couple of days. I’ve been testing some audio blogging software that I thought would be a fun way to report my findings at CES this year. I’ve tested 3 in particular which also have iphone apps called: cinch, audioboo, and ipadio. The apps allow you to make a recording with your iphone and upload it to their site. They also offer the option to embed the clip onto your own site or blog. The main problem I found is that none of the apps give you the embed code. I thought it would be just a matter of making the audio clip, copying the embed code from the app. and then pasting it into my wordpress app to make a new post.

I found the only way to get the embed code is to log in to each companies respective website and navigate to the clip that way, which is cumbersome with a mobile phone web browser. The one that seems to offer the most functionality is ipadio. They actually support posting to several blog websites and even include blogs, but they do not offer anything yet for self hosted wordpress sites. Hopefully that will come.

The best makeshift solution I found was to use ipadio and have it automatically post to the Twitter account that I never used. I then installed the Twitter Tools plugin for wordpress in which it will automatically create a post when a new tweet shows up. The tweets only give a link to the audio on the ipadio website, so I still don’t get the clips embedded, but I think this will be the best option as I don’t want to spend all this time at the show trying to get the embed code for each clip.

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