Free Jawbone Icon

Lastweek Jawbone held a contest on their fan page for two free Jawbone Icon bluetooth headsets. They wanted you to go to a store that sells them and take a picture of the Icon headset on display. Shortly after reading about it Sarah wanted to go to Best Buy, so I figured I would take a picture and enter for fun. We went to Best Buy and they were actually sold out of the Icon headset. I decided to go ahead and take a picture of the empty rack and still give it a shot.

The drawing was planned for Monday, but for some reason they delayed it a few days, but it ended up being worth the wait. They only had about 12 entries and the were giving away 2 headsets, so my chances were pretty good. By some miracle I was the 2nd name drawn and won! I’ve been doing some reading up on the Icon and they have a special app for the iPhone and all sorts of other features that I’ve never seen on a bluetooth headset.

I was asked which Icon model I would like and I chose the rouge which is a dark red color. I thought that would be nice instead of the traditional black of most headsets. A video of the drawing can be seen on their fan page.

Here is the picture I used to enter the contest and a picture of the rouge model.

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