Vintage Rocket Firing Boba Fett Coming

This weekend was the annual Toy Fair show in New York and there was quite the surprise. Hasbro announced that the mail away later this year would be a remake of the vintage Boba Fett figure. The thing that makes this special though is the fact that it is going to have a rocket firing jet pack.

Now for the history lesson. 🙂 In the late 70’s Boba Fett was offered as a mail away figure and one of the features he was supposed to have was the rocket firing pack. Before the figure was released, a 4 year old boy, choked and died because of a simular missile on the Battlestar Galactica vehicles. Because of this event, toy laws were changed. Kenner at the time tried a few different style launchers, but it was still deemed unsafe. In the end they removed the rocket firing feature, glued the missile, and when kids received their figure it included an apology letter. They even offered kids a replacement figure if they weren’t happy with the situation.

Several prototypes with the firing launcher did survive and made it to the collector market. They are considered Holy Grail collectors items as they come with roughly a $15k+ price tag and in limited numbers.

The new figure comes with a longer rocket in order to still comply with safety laws, but it is a great nod for the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes back.

Here are pictures of my original mail away version with the apology letter, the slide shown at the Hasbro Presentation, and some official photography for the figure.

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