iPad Making the Rounds

As most know by now Apple’s latest product the iPad is coming out tomorrow. The embargo was lifted by Apple yesterday and those that had access to it early are coming out with their reviews. Also, it started to make a few appearances on T.V. yesterday.

For those wondering, I think this is going to be a great product and that many people in the tech circles just don’t get it. Everyone is so focused on what it can’t do and not what it can do. It is not meant to be a full fledged computer replacement. I think most don’t understand that because this is a new product that is creating its own market. The Apps are going to make or break this device and what I’ve seen so far, there is some great stuff coming. I initially wasn’t sure about pre-ordering one, but now I am glad that I did. I opted for a 3G model, so I still have a few weeks to wait before I get mine. I plan to go to Best Buy tomorrow to check out their demo unit.

Here are some videos that have popped up in the last day on the web.

The first is David Letterman fumbling around making it look much harder to operate than it really is, to the point of licking it.

Next is Stephen Colbert who eventually uses his to make salsa.

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Now for more of the serious stuff.

PCMag has posted a good, but fairly brief video review

And if you want to get more in depth, the TWIT network show, Macbreak Weekly had roughly an hour long unveiling in which users could also submit questions live.

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