Apple & AT&T Server Overload

This morning was iPhone 4 preorder day and basing on the slowness of Apple and AT&Ts websites, it is another hit. I woke up a little bit before 7 and tried to order a phone with no luck. I tried again as soon as I got to work and the same thing. After trying for a couple hours, I was finally given an option to do in store pick up and I figured why not. It means I’ll be getting up early on Thursday morning as the Apple store opens at 7 that day, but hopefully the lines won’t be too bad and I’ll be able to make it back to work somewhat on time. I know last year with the 3GS the lines weren’t bad because of online preordering. Also, for some reason the white model isn’t available to preorder and that was the one Sarah was wanting. There hasn’t been any kind of ETA on that model, so were hoping the store will have those too even though there isn’t a preorder. I guess we’ll see. I hope it doesn’t turn into an all day event again, but I guess if I only have to do it every 2 years, it isn’t so bad.

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