Getting Ready for Celebration V

I can’t believe that Celebration V is now only two weeks away. It seemed like forever back in December when I booked plane tickets and hotel reservations.

I’ve been doing a few things in preparation for the event. The first thing I wanted to do was beef up my camera gear a bit, so hopefully I can get some good pictures of things going on. At a convention like this, I feel that a backpack is an important item to have. I had a previous backpack which was great for holding a laptop, but didn’t have the compartments for a DSLR camera and lenses.

Here’s the backpack I decided on and bought a couple weeks ago.

The bottom half of the bag opens up with a compartment to hold a camera body, a couple lenses, and I’ve also got my flash in there. The nice thing is that the zipper opens up from the side so I can actually just release one of the straps over my shoulder and get right to the compartment to get to the camera quick without putting the bag down.

The other thing I wanted was a laptop compartment. This bag has that too and will hold a 15″ laptop. For celebration though I’m going to see how it goes with just the iPad. I figured that will give me a little extra room in that compartment for paper items that I get at the con. I’ve also got a card reader for the iPad, so I can dump my photos on there when it gets full.

The top compartment also opens with a good place to store snacks and things of that nature to keep me going during the day. 🙂

This time, with the iPad, I’ve taken all documents that I would need ie hotel, airline, maps, etc in digital form. Here’s a shot of the exhibitor floor map loaded up.

It’s going to be here now before we know it.

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