My AFA U Grade FAQ

That title probably doesn’t mean anything to my non Star Wars readers, but I’m trying to get this out on as many sites as I can. For those that would like to continue reading, the FAQ takes into consideration that you know a few things.

AFA is a toy grading company that collectors can send their items to. They look for any flaws on the item and assign it a number grade. They will then seal the item into an acrylic case and inside the case is the label with the grade number. They began this service around roughly 2001 and at the time they only graded items that had never been opened before. In 2005 they began grading loose unpackaged figures, but at the same time they also started the U grade.

That is pretty much all that you need to know before starting the article.


I’m not completely against AFA as I can understand why some collectors like to have their items graded, but it has never been for me as I feel I can determine myself if the items I own are in good condition or not. I do feel the U grade is destructive to a hobby that I’ve enjoyed most of my life and I hope this article can help some of these U collectors realize the damage they are causing that can never be undone.

Here’s a video that gives an idea of what happens behind the whole operation.

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