Old Star Wars Toys At ShopKo

A friend alerted me that the Provo ShopKo for some odd reason had some older figures. I decided to check things out and sure enough they had a very strange assortment of figures with the oldest dating back to 1996. That’s roughly 14 years ago! ShopKo has the worst prices on figures and of course they were asking almost full price for them.

Here’s a picture of them all lined up in the store.

From left to right we have POTF2 Imperial Gunner (1996), Episode 1 Jar Jar Binks (1999), Revenge of the Sith Kit Fisto (2005), Thirtieth Anniversary Collection Mustafar Lava Droid(2007), Legacy Collection Darth Sideous (2009), and Legacy Collection Vader (2010)

and just below the figures, the one thing I did buy, is the 3D Jabbas Palace from 1998.

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