Coin Set Finished

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently finished a 5 year quest and major collecting goal. As of Monday, I’ve just finished my set of Star Wars Power of the Force Coins. I casually picked up a few of these in 2005 and then it wasn’t until 2007 when I finished my figure set that I started to get a bit more aggressive on them. It was at that time my dad and I built the frame for the coins and then I’ve been filling it one by one since then. In the process I’ve met some other great coin collectors, dealt with some great dealers, and a former Kenner employee. Each coin has been weighed to make sure they are original coins from 1984-1985 as there were a few that were restruck in the late ’90s, but those coins are heavier.

For those that would like to read a bit of information on the coins, have a look at this article on The Star Wars Collectors Archive

Here’s a picture of my set of coins.

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