A Very Star Wars Christmas

Yes, there have been a lot of SW posts lately, but it has been a great end of the year for me in terms of collecting and Christmas was no exception. Sarah had the surprise gift for me that we hauled down to St. George in a big cardboard box. I had no idea what it could be and that’s exactly how she wanted it. We have a family tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve, so obviously I chose that one. To my surprise it was the new AT-AT walker. Now I don’t collect a whole lot of modern Star Wars items, but this is one that I’ve had my eye on since it was released later summer. This version is even better as it came in Vintage Style packaging that looks like the original and was exclusive to Toys R Us. I waited until we got back to Provo to put this thing together as I knew it was going to be big, but honestly didn’t realize how big. For comparison, here’s a picture of it dwarfing the vintage 1980’s version.

Not only is it taller, but also quite a bit wider. This thing features 30 or so sound effect/phrases, lights, and several openings. I’m thinking we’ll make some kind of Hoth diorama for display. Here’s a few more pictures I’ve taken of it:

As you can see from the pictures it has all kinds of display/play value. There’s certainly enough there to keep any kid or collector happy for a long time. 🙂

Another gift, which was delayed by the postal system, was from my secret santa. The last few years I’ve participated in a gift exchange involving one of the Star Wars forums. Luckily my gift that I sent out made it before Christmas, but the one I was sent didn’t quite make it in time. The person who had me, asked if I had received it, in which I told him I hadn’t. He sent it early December, but where it was coming from England, for whatever reason it was delayed. Today, I went to the post office to pick up some other packages and they had the gift there as well. They have a place where we can request items we are looking for that fit within the price range, and this year I had put down some of the Droids and Ewoks cartoon figures from the mid 80’s, as I hadn’t picked up any of those yet for my collection. To my surprise, my Santa got me 3 of the 6 Ewoks figures, all complete with their coins/accessories.

The only one that most would recognize is Wicket where he was also in Return of the Jedi. The green guys are the Duloks which were the bad guys of Endor in the T.V. show.

Here’s the old intro video if anyone cares to endure it. 🙂

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