Valentines Gift

About a month or two ago a collecting friend alerted me to a new piece of Luke Jedi artwork that was going to be available soon. I’ve tried to stay away from this area of collecting as it can be quite expensive, but when I saw this piece I knew I had to make an exception. Even when it did come up for sale I was hesitating, but Sarah urged me to go ahead, so I bit the bullet. The main problem with buying this stuff is getting proper frames made up for it and with the cost involved I want to make sure they are UV resistant and use archival materials. I found out about the website by recommendation of another collector. The prices seemed quite good for what you get and Sarah decided to buy the frame for me as a Valentine’s gift. I actually did the same for her as she had another piece of artwork that needed framing.

Here’s the artwork in the frame. It is a depiction of the deleted scene that will be featured on the Star Wars Blu Rays where luke builds his lightsaber. Unlike the scene, in which luke just uses a tool to build it, here it shows him putting everything together using the force.

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