Star Wars in 3D

This friday,┬áthe first of the 3D converted Star Wars films is released with The Phantom Menace. I’m generally not a fan when a 2D movie is post converted to 3D as it usually feels flat. I’m going to give this one a try though of course because it is Star Wars. I’ve only seen one of the trailers in 3D and wasn’t too impressed with that experience. However, I’m still going to attend each one as depending on the success of each film, will determine wether we get the next and I want to have the opportunity to see all 6 films again in the theater. I’ll post back what I think of the 3D experience after I see it. There are also theaters showing it in 2D, so I’ll probably see if again the old fashioned way too.

We’ve got tickets this Friday at 6:15 at a certain theatre that has reserved seats.


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