Revenge Proof Sheet Framed

Back when I originally purchased this, I said I wanted to get it framed this year. Well, the year is halfway over and I finally decided it was time to go through with it. This is another custom job from American Frame and again I’m really happy with the work. I also like that I get to mount the piece myself so that I know no harm was done during the process. I use these archival mounting strips to do the job and they’re not that difficult to use. This time, I wanted to try and use two mats. I decided the top mat would be a red to match up with the Revenge of the Jedi Logo and then silver from the bottom mat to match the racetrack going around the image. I think it turned well and am very happy with it. I still have one more item that I’d like to get framed before the year is up, but that will have to wait until after Celebration VI.



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