Celebration CVI Room Sales

Last week I was gone on a little vacation to Florida for Star Wars Celebration VI. Now that I feel like I have a bit of time, I’m going to try and play catch up over the next while and post about some of the things that happened there. It wouldn’t be right to not talk about the collector room sales that happen late Friday night at every celebration. These originally started with collectors going room to room on a hotel floor selling off extra items they had for sale. It has grown to the point that it is no longer done that way but instead takes place in a hallway at the hotel. This is generally a good time to see a lot of things that you’ve only read about online and this time was certainly not a disappointment. There was a great selection of carded figures, loose figures, bootlegs, Proof Cards, coins, etc.

I knew this would probably be the time that I make my bigger CVI purchase, so I took my time to look around and see what everyone had. As I was looking, I saw one of the Power of the Force concept logo pieces. I’d been wanting one of these for awhile and actually passed on one earlier this year because of lack of funds. I found out the price, but decided to have one last look at everything before I knew for sure that is what I wanted. In further looking, a Model Trem Luke Jedi(Lead Bootleg from Brazil) had also caught my eye. That is something else that I wanted, but it did not have any of the accessories and I’ve told myself that when I splurge on one that I’d like it to be complete as the accessories would take forever to hunt down themselves. So in the end, I went back, did a little negotiation on the price, and bought it. Here’s a little bit of info on them for those that care to learn a little more.

Here’s a few pictures from the room sale and a little video I took.

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